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Int'l Conference to Rescue
NK Refugees & Aid Workers

18 - 19 July 2004

The First International Planning Conference for the Rescue of North Korean Refugees and Humanitarian Aid Workers hosted by the Japanese and Korean NGO Coalition was held in Tokyo on 18 and 19 July 2004.

The two-day Conference, organized by three Japanese NGOs (The Society to Help Returnees to North Korea, RENK, and Life Funds for North Korean Refugees), attracted approximately 100 participants from 9 NGOs and 6 countries.

Kim Bong Soon, wife of Choi Yong Hun talks of her husband's difficulties in the Chinese prison where he is serving a five-year term for attempting to help North Korean refugees.
Read Kim Bong Soon's speech here


Human rights activist Kim Sang Hun
and Global-Pac's Gerald Thorns.
Thorns discussed an offer from Governor Georgei Darkin of Russia's Far East that could help resolve the NK refugee issue.
See Thorns' speech for details

Read Kim Sang Hun's speech

Japanese Diet Member Masaharu Nakagawa
was an active participant in the group discussion
Read more about Rep. Nakagawa's involvement in defending the rights of NK refugees

The 3 discussion groups merged to share their conclusions.

Group 1 Resolutions
Group 2 Resolutions
Group 3 Resolutions

Street demonstration to protest repatriation of NK refugees by China. A member dressed in Chinese police uniform drags an effigy representing NK refugees.

Second-day demonstration -- The sign in English says "Abolish the Auschwitz in North Korea."

Chun Ki Won on 2nd day reports to the symposium about the 17-year-old boy shot to death by Chinese border guard.
More details on the boy who was shot

Kim Bong Soon presents a chronology of her husband's imprisonment.
More about the chronology