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Group 2 Resolutions

Group 2 discussed how to strategically use the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a tool and resolved to:

1. Exhibit photos and video materials illustrating the violation of human rights of North Korean refugees at Athens Olympic venues. This is to let visitors to the Athens Olympic know the refugees issue in China to be solved by the next Olympic to take place in Beijing. All groups involved will present visual materials for this purpose.

2. Send out emails to IOCs once a month to make them aware of the repatriation and the violation of human rights of North Korean refugees in China. This is to improve the Chinese government’s policy toward the North Korean refugees hiding in China.

3. Prepare and send the first email mentioned in 2 above to the IOCs and mass media by August 10.

4. Create video documentary (by Sept.) on North Korean refugees fled into China and provide it to JOC or the like, and then ask them to meet and discuss the issue with related NGOs and North Korean defectors. The Society to Help Returnees to North Korea (Japanese NGO) is responsible for this project.

5. Dispatch an international human rights mission (by spring next year) to the EU and the US to further publicize the human rights violation issue in relation to the 2008 Beijing Olympic. This is part of the activities to draw more attention from the international community by holding testimony meetings, distributing video materials, etc.

6. Start up multilingual (English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese) websites specialized in the persecution of North Korean refugees fled into China to further clarify the problems to be solved before China is qualified as a host country of the Olympic Game. For this project, all NGOs involved will actively engage in the preparation of the contents, including the translation.