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Group 1 Resolutions

Main Actions Urged

A. Strong Protest

In view of the above, it must be urged that appeals for humanitarian considerations or quiet diplomatic approaches be discontinued in favor of protest in the strongest possible terms and actions in dealing with the Chinese government. The observation is supported by the modern Chinese short story, “The True Story of Ah Q” by Lu Hsun (1881-1936), which has been recognized by both the Chinese themselves and by foreigners as being “an excellent description of Chinese national characteristics.”

B. Open Confrontation

The government of China must be strongly condemned for and confronted with its defiance of the 1951 Geneva convention at all levels and opportunities. As a first step, the government of China must be urged, not appealed, to answer the attached questions, which have been put forward to the government of China for years and which the Chinese government has bluntly ignored.

It is proposed that at the end of this conference the attached questions are put forward to the Chinese government for answer in the name of the Life Funds for North Korean Refugees (LFNKR) and the participants of this conference today. Repeated reminders will be made through a short announcement in the leading international news media making reference to the unanswered questions to be found in the LFNKR web site. The announcement to appear in the leading international newspapers regularly, for example, may read as follows:

“On 19 July 2004, the Life Funds for North Korean Refugees (LFNKR) and the participants of the Tokyo Conference on 18 July, 2004, have asked the Chinese government questions on the issues of the legal status of North Korean defectors in China and China’s arbitrary detentions of humanitarian aid workers. As of this date we have received no response. (The questions to be found in web-site: This is our reminder to the Chinese government.”

C. Documentation of Information.

It is important to attract greater attention and support from the international community on this issue of Chinese arrogance and defiance of rule of law. Crucial information will have to be collected and documented for this purpose. All participants are urged to make greater efforts to collect testimonies and evidence of North Korean defectors who are executed in North Korea after forcibly returned to North Korea by the Chinese authorities.

D. Leadership

Finally, we need real leadership on this issue, not just from each of us here in this room, but also from key international figures. If a Clinton, Carter, Gore or Kissinger were to step-up and publicly condemn China’s actions, then it would send a definitive signal to the Chinese Government that they can no longer get away with forcibly returning North Korean refugees to torture, forced labor and death, nor arbitrarily imprison humanitarian aid workers. They would indeed give a powerful voice to an otherwise voiceless population.

But regardless of what’s said and done, at the end of the day, China must comply with international laws that it has signed… this is absolute. And it is up to the international community, especially the UN member states, to demand more and make it happen.

E. We would be wise to pursue the coordination of protests at multiple Chinese embassies and consulates worldwide, which holds the potential of a profound “multiplier effect” on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese government.

F. It is recommended that

(a) a delegation drawn from the present LFNKR conference be dispatched to meet with the newly appointed UN special rapporteur on North Korean Human Rights to inform him/her of documented human rights violations rights of North Koreans,

(b) and if possible, a second delegation be sent to meet with representatives of the UNHCR in Geneva.

G. The international parliamentary league that has demonstrated concern for the plight of North Korean refugees in China deserves our enthusiastic coordination and support as long as its goals remain parallel with those of the NGO community on this issue.

H. We strongly urge the government of Japan to officially recognize North Korean defectors in China as refugees.

I. In light of Japan’s position as the largest donor in the world to the UNHCR, it is in the ideal position to strongly urge the UNHCR to dramatically improve its performance vis a vis North Korean refugees in China. If the UNHCR does not respond and finds itself unable to carry out its mandate in China, then we recommend the Japanese government suspend its donation and insist that the UNHCR shutter its inactive Beijing office as soon as possible.