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Public Executions in North Korea

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This video footage was secretly taped then passed from hand to hand along a chain of defectors to bring it out of North Korea. When it reached Japan, One independent news producer immediately acquired the rights to the footage.

Working closely with Jin-Net, our NGO (LFNKR) produced a special DVD to show the world what is happening in secret.

It is our firm belief that open exposure of these practices will help bring an immediate stop to the repatriation of North Korean refugees and will encourage other countries to extend them protection.

The DVD disc carries 12 minutes of visual proof, clear confirmation that the stories of public executions really do happen -- with frightening regularity.

The world is growing increasingly concerned over the continuing repatriation of these refugees and the lack of protections they receive. And UNHCR still has not certified their status as legitimate refugees.

In the past, LFNKR interviewed more than 200 North Korean refugees who had escaped across the border into China. These interviews were compiled into a 200-page e-book titled Are They Telling Us the Truth – Brutality Beyond Belief. It contains eyewitness accounts of routine human rights violations.

This book also contains accounts of public executions, corroborating the videotaped scenes.

This DVD shows the public executions

As you can see from the 3-minute sample, there is an edgy, nervous feel jittering through every scene. This is understandable -- the camera persons are literally risking their lives to capture what is happening.

This strengthens the credibility of testimony by North Korean defectors who have long stated that public executions are not uncommon, but instead are routine events.

Regarding the DVD, the original copyright holder Jin-Net (Japan Independent News Net) has given permission for us to extract a 3-minute clip from the 12-minute DVD and post the clip on the Internet. The clip is available for everyone to watch.

As you know, spot news footage is expensive. Exclusive news coverage is usually licensed to broadcasters for hundreds of dollars per minute. If the subject is controversial or especially dramatic, the fees can run well into the thousands.

A Special Arrangement

Public Executions DVD

We asked Jin-Net, the copyright holder to make an exception in this case. And they did. They agreed to work with us to make this DVD available at a much more affordable rate.

We went into the studio alongside the Jin-Net staff members and created a special edition with English narration and English subtitles that explain everything you see happening.

To cover the copyright licensing fees and the cost of producing the DVDs, we are breaking with our usual practice of providing all information for free. In this case, we request a minimum donation of US $30 per disc.

Of course, you may donate more than the niminum.

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