North Korea Executions


Video Proof: Public Executions in North Korea

or decades reports of public executions in North Korea have filtered out to the rest of the world. The North Korean government, meanwhile, has consistently denied it all.

During the 1990s, at the height of the famine and starvation in that country, reports of public executions were especially frequent. Charges receiving the death penalty typically involved stealing food from cooperative farms to feed family members.

Defectors and refugees from North Korea continued to bring stories with them, disturbing stories of rough justice and swift death at the government's hand, carried out in public places. Now we have visual proof.

Those Sentenced to Die... Do Die... Within Minutes

Video footage, secretly taped and smuggled out at great risk, capture two outdoor trials. Each of these public trials is followed immediately by executions. No time is wasted on appeals.

The rumors are true. And this website has received permission to post a short video clip from news footage released recently to television networks.

This video clip shows 3 minutes from a DVD produced jointly by the NGO Life Funds for North Korean Refugees, and Japan Independent News Net Co. Ltd.

The actual DVD shows two trials that took place on March 1st and March 2nd, 2005 culminating in public executions. Read more about the DVD.

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