Young NK Refugees Thriving in Japan

Excelling in Japanese Language Studies

On February 15, LFNKR members were excited to hear that Hyun Ki* and Ae Sook* had received high level certificates in the national Japanese language certification exam, which they took back in December. Both are 26-year-old former North Korean refugees, and both reached Japan 3 years ago with the help of LFNKR.

Ae Sook qualified at the second highest level of the Japanese language exam, a test that even native Japanese have difficulty passing.  She goes to high school in Tokyo part time where she is studying hard, getting ready to enter university.  In her math classes, she always achieves the highest marks.

Hyun Ki’s achievement is even more amazing.  He actually studied for and passed the highest level of the Japanese language exam while holding down two jobs, one at a Tokyo McDonalds during the daytime and another at an izakaya (Japanese-style pub) at night.

* Note: We have changed these two names to protect their identities.