World to Pray for North Korea

International Groups Join Hands

Christian Solidarity Worldwide has begun an initiative calling for a Global Week of Prayer for North Korea. The Prayer Week will run from June 19 ~ 25, 2006 and is an international effort that has attracted the support of many agencies and churches. 

Breaking Through the Secrecy

North Korea, with its heavy emphasis on isolationism, is not widely known in the world. But behind the Communist country’s wall of silence, it has sought to actively stamp out religion, and particularly Christianity. These efforts have been unremittingly cruel and ruthless. But since little information is known about the country, people outside North Korea have simply forgotten or overlooked the brutal treatment of anyone in North Korea seeking to practice Christianity.

In recent years, however, eye witness accounts from survivors and escapees have shocked a slowly awakening world with tales that are nearly beyond comprehension.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide Focuses on North Korea

A broad range of organizations is backing the event, which will run from June 19th to 26th 2006.