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NK Systematically
Experimenting on Humans
at Hamhung


This testimony was obtained from the witness' son, relating stories he had heard from his father in North Korea over the years and, therefore, often lacks details or some details may be incorrect. Further details, however, will be available through direct interview with the witness at the first opportunity.

I was the most senior electrician at the 2.8 Vinalon Unified Factory in Hamhung, South Hamkyong Province, North Korea, for 23 years since 1980. The factory is the largest chemical weapon production factory in North Korea. No one in the factory is authorized to move around within the factory. As a senior electrician, however, I needed to visit all corners and sections of the factory quite frequently to install or repair electric systems, as required.

Therefore, I am in a position to draw sites and show locations of all buildings of the factory.

We whispered among trusted colleagues about prisoners arriving by State Security Agency (SSA) truck twice a month or so and disappearing in the factory.

One of the sections is called “Daily Site No. 2” which is for the liquid gas production. In that section, I saw human hands scratching a round glass window inside a chamber that was locked with a heavy metal door. There are a few such chambers there. When the chambers were not in use, I was often inside the chambers for electric work after signing an affidavit to the effect that I will never disclose what I know about it.

I always had to put on a gas mask inside the chambers. I can provide further details and sketches of the factory and the gas chambers when I have arrived at a location of safety with my children.

In July this year, I happened to be in the office of the SSA Chief in the factory and saw a thick stack of records of sacrificed prisoners on his table. When the chief was busy at another file cabinet,

I quickly snatched 3 pages from the record, wadded them up and threw them into a waste basket nearby. Later, I retrieved them from the basket and hid them in my underwear. My heart was beating like thunder.

One of the 3 pages is attached herewith. I have the other two pages with me now. On condition of anonymity, I am willing to testify to the horrendous crimes by the North Korean regime of human biological experimentation that has been perpetuated over the years in this factory.

I will openly testify when my last child, a daughter with a 5-month-old baby, is out of North Korea.

My second son, 24 years old, graduated from the Hamhung Chemical Engineering University, as a most distinguished student and has since worked in the same factory as a researcher at the chemical laboratory of the factor for 3 years. I believe that he has some information that will shed some light on the type of gas the factory is believed to have been producing.