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Horrors at Daily Site No. 2

We engineers often whispered that daily site No. 2 at the 2.8 Vinalon Unified Enterprise was a strange place.

It is located in Yonmot Tong, Hungnam city, some 6 kilometers south (?) from the 2.8 Vinalon Unifed Enterprise. As an electrician inspector in the factory, I had long wished to have an opportunity of access to it myself.

I was approached, one day in ???, by a facility officer from daily site No. 2 with a request for installation of machinery to squeeze oil from soy beans for the production of artificial meat at the site. Installation of new machines requiring electricity was under very strict control due to the extremely limited supply of power in North Korea.

I gave his request my special attention and managed to get the project authorized by the factory manager. The facility officer was overjoyed with the authorization and came over to my office with 2 bottles of wine. When we became very friendly over drink and food in my office, I asked him what kind of a place is Daily Site No. 2?

His reply was, “You're better off not knowing about it.” And he told me to wait for him at the gate of the Daily Site No. 2 at 10 o’clock in the morning of 7 April (2003), and to inspect its power control facilities so that installation of new equipment could be designed.

When I approached the site on the day of my appointment, I could see nothing from the front except a thickly wooded area that included silver poplars. When I passed through the trees, I found an entirely different view. The daily site No. 2, which many people believed was a factory producing trench mortars, was in fact a chemical factory. It was difficult to even breath because of the unpleasant chemical smell all around.

While I was inspecting the facilities in the power control unit, I saw a prisoner truck that resembled a freezer truck arrive. I noticed a strange expression on the face of the facility officer at the sight. The steel gate of a tunnel was opened automatically and the truck disappeared into the tunnel.

A little later, electricity went out all over the entire factory with a big sound of sparking. I was outside the tunnel. The facility officer and his boss went into the tunnel. Some 20 minutes later, they came out from the tunnel and asked for my help.

I went into the tunnel with them after receiving clearance with the State Security Agency office in the factory. There was another steel gate and check point inside the tunnel. Inside the tunnel, I found that a truck had hit the tunnel wall and caused the sparking and power line disconnection.

I repaired the broken power lines and was about to leave the place when the light was turned back on by an electrician in his haste. At that moment of sudden light, I was horrified by what I saw there.

There were large boxes of what looked like aluminium about the size of a large freezer on both sides. Each box had a door in front. There was a large and round window on each door.

I witnessed with my own eyes human hands moving inside two of the boxes. I could not breathe. The facility officer also looked very confused and disturbed.

Then, I was led to the office of SSA to seal a statement with my thumbprint to state that I had left the tunnel when it was still dark. They added that my life would be in jeopardy if I told anybody about what I saw in the tunnel.

Afterwards, I had an opportunity to sit together with the facility officer over drinks and heard him saying the site is a chemical factory producing all kinds of gas and prisoners sentenced to death are used for experimentation.

This is why I stole letters of prisoner transfer from the Control Center No. 22 in the office of SSA in my factory on ????. I was so shocked by this North Korean crime that I have defected from North Korea on ????