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Arrested by China,
May Be Repatriated


Your strong intervention is urgently needed to prevent the government of China from repatriating an engineer and his family to North Korea. These defectors have smuggled out documentary evidence that North Korea is conducting biological experimentation on its prisoners.

The North Korean engineer, a witness to human biological experimentation, noticed documentary evidence in the chemical factory in which he had been working for decades.

He passed this evidence, in the form of official papers, to the outside world through his elder son, who had immigrated to South Korea about 3 years ago.

My examination and analysis of the papers showed that they were genuine and official North Korean documents, duly stamped and signed, and clearly stating that prisoners were sent to the factory for the purpose of human biological experimentation.

The engineer, his wife and their younger son, arrived in China in September 2003 to testify to these heinous crimes against humanity by the North Korean regime.

They reached the Laotian border in Yunnan Province, South China, but in the afternoon of 3 January 2004, they were arrested while attempting to pass through immigration at the Chinese border post at Mohan. Their names are:

    • Mr. Kang Byong-sop (date of birth: 9 August 1945)
    • Mrs. Chu Sun-kil (date of birth: 4 March 1947)
    • Mr. Kang Song-hak (25 years old)

Moreover, the attempt on 25 January by North Korean agents in Bangkok to kidnap the elder son strongly suggests that the North Korean authorities are desperate to stop the family and retrieve the papers.

Finally, consistent with its past policy and in direct violation of international law (including the 1951 Geneva Convention), China has been repatriating North Korean defectors to certain persecution in North Korea. By such flaunting of international law, China is indeed an accomplice to North Korea's crimes against humanity. Interestingly, the Chinese Border Guard Commander from Jinghong city (more than 100 km away from Mohan) just happened to be present at the time of the family's arrest.

This is a case of a brave North Korean engineer who risked his and family's lives to inform the world of these horrendous crimes against humanity. This is an international matter meriting strong intervention by the world community in view of the serious nature of the crimes. Thus, your strong intervention is urgently requested to strongly protest to the government of China against
         (i) their detention of the engineer and his family, and
         (ii) their continued repatriation of North Korean
              defectors and refugees.

This report gathered by Mr. Kim Sang Hun, International Human Rights Volunteer. You can contact Mr. Kim by email at