Whitewash Goes to Prison

North Korea Whitewashing
Infamous Prison Camps

Prison Camp Getting a Face Lift

It appears that North Korea may be instituting a new prison reform – in its own strange way.

Reports filtering out of North Korea suggest that political prisoners are secretly being smuggled out of the notorious Yodok prison camp in North Hamgyeong Province, and transferred to other camps under cover of darkness, so that their movements cannot be tracked by satellite cameras.

The plan seems to be that, as part of a planned PR campaign, outsiders will eventually be given tours of the Yodok facility to demonstrate that it’s only an ordinary collective farm, staffed by ordinary farmers.

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Human Rights Watch says that more than 200,000 North Korean civilians are locked up in various death camps dotting the country.

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… a review of Escape from Camp 14, a book revealing how Shin Dong-hyuk was born in captivity, eventually escaped, and finally reached freedom in the South.