UN Inquiries Revealing Human Rights Horrors

Shin Dong-hyuk addresses UN Commission

Reuters Reports on Revelations

We at LFNKR are glad to report that real results are beginning to flow from the U.N. Commission of Inquiry into North Korea human rights violations and whether those violations amount to crimes against humanity. We reported, back in May, that the Commission had been convened and was about to start its investigations. 

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And now, news about North Korea’s record is beginning to reach the world community as the UN Commission of Inquiry moves forward.

Last week, the Reuters News Agency ran a story on their website titled: “Horror of North Korean Prison Camps Exposed at U.N. Panel Hearing”.

Now that North Korea’s traditional allies Russia and China have ceased blocking U.N. scrutiny of their junior partner, international investigations are free to move forward, uncovering the real social conditions and human rights violations rampant in that country.

Reuters reported that “Public executions and torture are daily occurrences in North Korea’s prisons, according to dramatic testimony from former inmates at a U.N. Commission of Inquiry that opened in South Korea’s capital on Tuesday.”

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