U.S. Senator Nixes Ambassador Nominee over NK Human Rights

U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback (R. Kansas)

US State Dept. too Soft on Kim Jong Il?

United States Senator Sam Brownback (R. Kansas), a long-time champion of North Korean refugees and their human rights, gave an impassioned speech from the Senate floor outlining his reasons for putting a hold on the nomination of Kathleen Stephens as ambassador to South Korea.

His reasons included her inability to satisfactorily answer his questions about plans to help the refugees pouring out of North Korea, and especially the estimated 400,000 citizens of that country now being tortured and worked to death in slave labor prison camps.

Watch this video for a truly remarkable speech that outlines in some detail the situation with North Korea. If that link does not play for you, then go to this page and click on the link at the very bottom right hand corner of the page.

And you can read the prepared text of Sen. Brownback’s speech in this downloadable PDF document.