Turning Kim Jong-un into the New Leader


Following the death of Kim Jong-il, authorities have further tightened their control over citizens.

Along the Tumen and Yalu Rivers, which run along the border between China and North Korea, every available radio tracking instrument is being brought to bear in a round-the-clock crackdown on cellular phones.

Before the death of Kim Jong-il, only radio location administration bureau staff members were checking for illegal radio signals. Now, however, policemen have been brought in to work with them in 24-hour surveillance.

In Puryon and Kilchu Counties in North Hamgyong Province, authorities have reportedly installed torch sentinel posts at major detour paths leading to the border with China.

Additionally, anyone who failed to attend the mandatory meetings during the mourning period without acceptable excuse has allegedly been arrested by security officials and beaten.

In Manpo City, Chagang Do Province, people who went to other cities or counties without first notifying their workplaces have been arrested, receiving beatings and kickings during severe interrogations. One man known to our contact was so severely beaten that ribs were broken.

The interrogations, including torture, are intended to make people confess to misbehaviors during the mourning period.

A movement to inspire loyalty to the new leader, Kim Jong-un, has been launched throughout the nation following the death of his father. This movement is, of course, to entrench Kim Jong-un as the new leader of North Korea.