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LFNKR Annual Report Released


When North Korea suddenly switched to a new currency in November 2009, the low limit for exchanges ensured that any savings accumulated in old currency by North Koreans largely vanished. This demonstrates that although the developing private market activity had only reached a rudimentary level, it was possible for people to accumulate new wealth. This growing segment of newly wealthy was dominating distribution and their voices began to be heard in their communities.

Hurry-Up Trial in China for NK Activist

Trial Set for Monday, Nov. 26

Your quick help is needed – Please immediately write to the Chinese authorities listed below, urging them to release the very brave North Korean activist, Yoo Sang-joon, who is now a South Korean citizen. He tragically lost his young son as he tried to escape from China and has since been working to rescue other North Koreans from danger in China.

North Korea Freedom Day Rally in Washington DC

North Korea Freedom Day in Washington DC gets major news coverage

Attendees from around the world demonstrated their concern and support for North Korean refugees.

Marc Guttman’s Tribute to Noguchi

At this moment my friend, Takayuki Noguchi, is sleeping in a prison in China, where he has been trapped for 4 months. Tak’s crime is aiding people escaping from the oppression of governments.