Summer Clothes Are Survival Gear

The Right Clothes Make a Person Invisible

For North Korean refugees hiding in China, the wrong clothes can mean arrest, repatriation and hard prison time. That is why their aim is to blend in, look like the Chinese locals, and escape notice. When warmer weather comes, if they are seen still wearing winter clothing, the Chinese police notice it immediately. Being noticed by the police automatically means arrest for them, followed quickly by forcible return to North Korea where harsh punishment awaits them.

It is, therefore, an important part of our group’s mission to supply summer clothing to the refugees under our care.

We invite you to help support the clothing of 500 NK refugees under our care.

A single 10-dollar donation will buy one set of summer clothing for one North Korean refugee. But I hope you will find a way to donate more because 500 people are looking to us – to you and me – for their survival.

Every $5 You Donate*
  will purchase 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of rice and enable one refugee to eat for another three weeks.
Every $20 You Donate…
  will provide an emergency medical kit for a family of North Korean refugees.Only your heart can decide how much impact you will have on these lives.
And Every $100 You Donate…
  will buy five sets of warm clothing to keep five NK refugees warm through China’s bitterly cold winter months. Some of the refugees are children, and a more generous donation will provide warmth for more of them.
Our NGO has developed its own local networks, through which we distribute food and clothing to North Korean refugees. We are also working for international recognition of their rights as refugees.

To make a donation, simply click on the appropriate button and fill in the information requested. You will receive an email receiptverifying your donation within a few minutes.

*  Since LFNKR is a legally authorized non-profit organization in Japan, your donation may qualify as a tax deductible expense under your country’s tax laws (be sure to consult your own tax advisor for more specific information).

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Regards from Japan,
Kato Hiroshi
Secretary General
Life Funds for North Korean Refugees