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Letters from Suji & Son-hee
Please Help Our Father

Suji's Letter

May 15, 2003
Hello, I am Suji, elder daughter of Choi Yong Hun

Choi Yong Hun and his two daughters

The weather is now changing to warm, spring days, and we see families enjoying picnics. But scenes like this make my heart ache because of my family's troubled situation.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all who are concerned about our family. I'm sure my Dad, who is still detained in China, would thank you, too.

It has already been 5 months since my Dad was arrested. He needs daily medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma. I worry so much because they're not letting him take the medications he needs. The Chinese police would not even let my Mom to meet my Dad to hand him his medications.

Also, two years ago, he had an operation on his abdomen. This makes me worry all the more about his health. Every day I wonder how he's doing. What kind of food does he get in jail? Do they make him sleep on the cold concrete floor? I'm sure he misses me, my younger sister and my Mom.

My Dad is a warm-hearted man. When he sees someone in need on a street, he just cannot pass them. He sometimes gave money to those needing it, or fed those who were starving. So I feel a lot of resentment -- why did they arrest such a kind-hearted man like my Dad?

I really appreciate the Japanese and American broadcast stations that helped us by letting us talk about my Dad and his situation. This let people know about our suffering.

Please help us get my Dad released as soon as possible.

All I can do is to say "Please help my Dad" and offer words of thanks to you for your help. Even though I really wish I could, I don't have any power to release him safety or even to go to the Chinese police and get his medicines handed to him.

With all my heart, I ask President Roh and his government to help us to get my Dad back immediately. How can we live without him?

Sometimes I feel bad about myself because I can't do anything for him except pray for his release.

I ask you all for your continued interest in supporting and helping my Dad until he's safely released.

I may not be able to do anything for you right now, but I promise that someday I will return your favor.

Thank you,
        Elder daughter of Choi Yong Hun
        From South Korea

Son-hee's Letter

May 30, 2003
Dear President Hu Jintao,

I am Choi Son-hee, the second daughter of Choi Yong-hun, who is still held by the Chinese police. I am in the third grade at elementary school. Our family is having a lot of trouble, because my Dad was arrested in China four months ago.

My Mom has been working hard to try and make a living while our Dad is gone. And she has been trying very hard to find some way to get our Dad back home.

Please help us, Mr. President.

My Mom goes and works at a vegetable and fish market every morning at 3 o'clock, while we are still asleep. I know she's having a hard time, but she tries never to let us see it. But she always worries about our Dad and about me and my sister.

My Dad has some health problems. He has high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma. And not long ago, he had a colon operation. I really worry about this a lot, and every day I pray and I cry. We have not had any good news about my Dad, and I can't seem to think about anything else for long.

I heard that my Dad has not received his medicines and has been getting poor food, mostly corn gruel. I'm very worried about his health getting worse. What will I do if he gets more sick and we never see his face again? Without him, how can we live?

Please, President Hu Jintao, send our Dad back to us, so that we can live together again. Please let my Dad go. I know you can get my Dad the right medicines and good treatment at a hospital.

I am waiting for you to answer, counting the days on my fingers,

Thank you,
        Younger daughter of Choi Yong Hun
        From South Korea