Sample Letter of Protest

To the President of China

Dear President Hu Jintao,

The international community continues to watch in horror as the Chinese government tracks down and deports North Korean refugees in advance of the upcoming Beijing Olympics. This practice is a stain on the face of China. We urge you to immediately cease arresting and repatriating North Korean refugees.

It is no secret that every year for more than a decade, tens of thousands of North Korean defectors have fled to China seeking refuge. But despite the protests of the international community, the Chinese government has turned a deaf ear to requests that your government immediately cease its repatriation of North Korean refugees and to stop arresting the aid workers seeking to help those refugees.

It is also no secret that a shocking number of North Korean women are victimized by human trafficking in China. Even when such women marry Chinese men and bear children, a high percentage are eventually arrested and returned to North Korea. Children born in these marriages are denied Chinese nationality, and as a result, are refused education. The Chinese government has a record of depriving those children of their mothers, and then denying them basic human rights.

These policies are not only cruel and unfeeling, they violate the Convention on Refugees, of which your country is a signatory nation. Such actions are China’s shame; the entire international community is witness to your country’s dishonor.

I strongly urge your government to immediately halt the arrest, detention or repatriation of North Korean refugees and protect them in your country under the open supervision of UNHCR or other related international organization; Assure them safe passage to a third country if they so request.

China must also immediately grant Chinese nationality to any North Korean defector who marries a Chinese citizen and to any children born of such union; Permit both mother and child to settle in China.

(Your Signature)