Rescues Stalled for Lack of Funds

More NK Refugees Awaiting Rescue – Help Us Get Them to Safety

LFNKR has received desperate cries for help from NK defectors. A severely physically handicapped father, 59, and his two sons (ages 27 and 25) have risked their lives to escape from North Korea. They are now in Yanji, waiting for us to help them make it the rest of the way to South Korea.

A 39-year-old North Korean woman has run away from her Han Chinese husband, who bought her in Hei Long Jiang. She is now waiting for our rescue in Shenyang, China.

And a 38-year-old North Korean woman awaits rescue in Shandong, China.

All of these people are hoping to resettle in South Korea, and LFNKR is determined to help them reach South Korea safely to achieve their dreams.

We invite you to join us in giving them hope to live new, better lives. LFNKR has raised 400,000 JPY (about 4,240USD), but we still need 350,000JPY (about 3,700USD) before we can start rescue operations.

Won’t you help us help these people? Your donation will make so many things possible

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