Rescued NK Refugees Have a New Baby

Baby born to NK refugees in Japan

Message from Sumi’s mother

Twelve months after my husband and I escaped from North Korea, we finally reached Japan. That was two years ago.

I became pregnant soon after we settled in Japan, and our daughter was born on Dec. 13, 2012. Before she was born, the LFNKR people, who have kindly been encouraging us since we left our own country, thought about what name we should give our baby. They came up with the name, Sumi, which of course means excellent and beautiful.

Her grandparents would be so very happy to know about the birth of their grandchild, but sadly it is impossible to get word to them about Sumi’s birth.

When we first arrived in Japan, we could hardly speak the language, but the LFNKR people have constantly encouraged and supported us, helping us adapt to the new environment.

Attending the Japanese language classes has helped us to understand the language better. Our baby girl Sumi is a powerful motivator for us to work hard and to be proud parents in Japanese society.

Thank you so much for your support.