Rescue Requests Growing Again

Fear Spreading Among High Officials

Chang Song-thaek, the once-powerful uncle of Kim Jong-Un and former number two in North Korea’s power structure, was arrested and executed in December 2013.  Since then, power struggles and purges have grown in the country.  According to reports filtering out, the ongoing investigations, purges and executions are often directed toward officials responsible for the earning of foreign currencies. So widespread have these practices become that they are now cutting a swath through mid-level management. Increasing numbers of officials are falling before this reign of terror. The instability of the regime has even had a dampening effect on the economic activities of the general populace.

Over the past few months our organization, LFNKR, has seen a surge in the number of North Korean defectors urgently requesting help. A certain percentage of these are quite young, including several minors.

LFNKR has, therefore, set a goal to procure 1 million yen (a little over US $8,000) to help us step up our rescue operations. Our target date for raising these funds is the end of June. If you would like to help us aid these refugees, you can click this link to go to our Donate Page.