Repatriation of 9 Orphans Draws World Attention

Heavyweight International Groups Getting Involved

The story of the 9 young orphans summarily shipped back to North Korea by the Lao government has captured the world’s attention and stirred strong emotions around the globe.

Amnesty International has issued an “Urgent Action” document as a call for the world community to take a firm stand against the reckless behavior of the Lao government. 

Click here to download the Urgent Action document in PDF format

And long time human rights crusader Suzanne Scholte of the North Korean Freedom Coalition has sent a letter to Lao President Lt. Gen. Choummali Saignason protesting the handing over of the 9 youths to North Korea.

In the letter, Scholte makes two requests of the Lao President. First, she urges his country to regularly visit the youths in North Korea to check that they are being treated well.

Second, she asks that his government never again put the lives of refugees in danger, and instead to return to the earlier policy of helping them in their efforts to resettle in South Korea.

Click here to download Ms. Scholte’s Letter in PDF format