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Please Mail this Protest Letter
to Chinese Authorities

January 15, 2004

For your reference, below is a sample protest letter. We urge you to adapt the contents into your own words and send you letter to the names listed at the bottom of this page.

Suggested Subject:
- Please Release Japanese Aid Worker and NK Refugees -

Dear ___________,

I have learned that Mr.Takayuki Noguchi, the humanitarian
aid worker from Japan was arrested for helping North Korean
refugees in China, and is still being detained after more
than a month.

Last year, China released the Japanese NGO members who were
arrested under the same law (Article 318 of the Chinese
criminal code), after holding them for 3 weeks. Please show
the international society that the Ministry of Justice in
China respects the fundamentals for a law-governed state by
applying the same rules; please release the humanitarian
still being detained.

I am also deeply concerned regarding reports that the two
North Korean defectors were arrested in China on December
10, 2003. Both are ethnic North Koreans who were originally
born in Japan.

They are obviously eligible for refugee status. Their arrest
in China constitutes violations of customary international
law and indicates a disturbing disrespect for humanity. We
know that the Chinese authorities are still detaining the
humanitarian aid worker who tried to assist North Korean
defectors. If China continues its defiance of UN conventions
and standards of the international community, it may badly
damage the image of China as a moral member of the
international community.

I earnestly call on the authorities to immediately release
the North Korean defectors, and never consider sending them
back to North Korea where their lives will be in danger.

Sincerely yours,

Your name here

Mail your appeals to:

Mr. Hu Jintao,
C/O State Council Secretariat
Zhong Nan Hai
People's Republic of China

Mr. Fusen Zhang
Minister of Justice
Ministry of Justice
People's Republic of China

And send e-mail copies to:
China Diplomatic Service:
China Embassy in Japan:

Note: You may get bounces from the above addresses. If you
have more current e-mail addresses, please let us know.