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Press Conference:
Testimony by NK Repatriation Survivors

on October 8 in Tokyo

China shown lying about repatriation

Following the boat-people incident in Yantai, China in January of this year, the Chinese government publicly stated on January 23 that they would not repatriate the North Korean defectors they had detained.

Then, on January 25, 27 and 30 all the detainees were quietly returned to North Korea in separate groups. The Chinese government's assurances to the international community proved to be false.

Soon afterward, our organization began uncovering evidence that China had indeed repatriated the defectors. A small number of the North Koreans from that boat-people incident managed to escape again, and this time we were able to help them reach a safe hiding place, where we interviewed them. The videotaped interview reveals that the repatriation actually did take place, with tragic results for many of the repatriated defectors.

This new and convincing evidence demonstrates that official statements by the Chinese government were falsehoods and that the authorities there are engaging in forced repatriation, in defiance of the Convention on Refugees.

Kyodo News Service released a related article in September based on the news release from the North Korean defector group in Seoul, South Korea. That news release also refers to the repatriation of the boat-people in January.

Our group (LFNKR) will hold a press conference in Tokyo on October 8 to disclose the testimony by the witnesses we helped escape to a safe hiding place.

Date: Oct. 8

Place: Assembly room No. 1
Diet Members' Building 1
House of Representatives

Hosted by: Life Funds for North Korean Refugees
with the assistance of Durihana Mission