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Petition to Be Sent to
Hu Jintao, President of PRC

18 July 2004


His Excellency Hu Jintao
People’s Republic of China

Dear President Hu Jintao:

I am writing to express my deep concern over the arrest, trial, and imprisonment of the humanitarian aid workers in China.

Mr. Choi Yong-hun, in particular, was sentenced to imprisonment of 5 years in December 2003. It is almost a year and 7 months since he was detained, and his health is reportedly deteriorating badly, due to chronic disease and being denied the necessary medication to treat his condition.

Also, I have learned that Mr. Park Yong-chol, a North Korean refugee who is detained with Mr. Choi Yong-hun, may be repatriated upon release to his homeland where he will very likely face the severest of punishment.

I earnestly request the immediate release and safe passage of the above humanitarian aid workers and assurances that Mr. Park Yong-chol will never be repatriated.

Sincerely yours,

________ ( Signed ) ______________