Petition Begun for Rescuing NK Refugees


Refugees Need Immediate Help

Since Feb. 8, more than 30 North Korean refugees have reportedly been arrested and held by Chinese police in Shenyang, Yanji and Changchun. Most of these refugees wish to go to South Korea where their family members have resettled.  One of them, a teenage boy, has siblings in South Korea but no other family members in North Korea. 

To read the story at the Amnesty website, click here

 These refugees are in immediate danger of being forcibly sent back to North Korea where they will face harsh punishment for their attempted escape.

Members of these defectors’ families are desperately pleading for people of good conscience all over the world to help them.  The father of the arrested girl was seen crying for her, saying that she would be better off poisoned then repatriated, since she would be very likely to face unbearable cruelties, including brutal sexual abuse.

LFNKR urges you to join in with a petition that will be sent to the UN High Commission on Refugees, asking them to intervene and prevent the forcible return of these refugees. The petition specifically asks the UNHCR to quickly issue an official statement on the situation and then organize an emergency rescue operation.

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