North Korean Public Voicing Complaints


News Update from Inside NK

LFNKR received a further update on January 11 from a local staff member operating in North Korea. He reports that the public has begun openly speaking less reverently of the country’s leadership and especially the ruling Kim family itself. North Korea recently enforced a special security period, which ended January 10. During that period, Kim Jong-un, who serves as Supreme Commander of the People’s Army, visited and inspected a tank corps for the New Year.

On hearing reports of these activities, citizens around the country have been heard making such comments as, “It looks like Kim Jong-un is trying to start a war.” Of special note is how the people are not bothering to use his formal title of address.

Citizens have also begun openly saying that there is no difference between Kim Jong-il and his son Kim Jong-un. Considering that North Korean citizens would previously never have made derogatory remarks about the North Korean leader in public, this marks a major change.

It appears that the fear and respect commanded by Kim Jong-il has not successfully transferred to his son and heir, Kim Jong-un. We also hear reports that the words of fortune tellers are rapidly spreading throughout North Korea. The diviners are saying that if the house of Mr. Kim continues to maintain its grip on the reins of government, the country will perish.

It would appear that a mood of apprehension and dissatisfaction is spreading among the North Korean people.