North Korean Holocaust Exhibition in Seoul

Seoul, Korea

The “North Korean Holocaust Exhibition” was held from November 8 – 10, 2004, at the National Assembly Members Building in Yeoido, Seoul, Korea. This event, the equivalent of an exhibition in the US Capitol, marked the formal launch of this powerful and dramatic depiction of the suffering of the North Korean people.

Plans were also drawn up to continue the Exhibition elsewhere in Seoul following the three days at the National Assembly, and then throughout the world.

The exhibition included hundreds of photos, letters, diaries, models, and artifacts by and from refugees and NK people. Over the past ten years, many have risked their lives to collect these materials.

One featured item was a large, 160 x 320 cm painting titled “Death and Despair” by a Korean-French artist, Oh Chun-yong, at the Exhibition.

In addition, Jim Butterworth and Lisa Sleeth graciously agreed to have their documentary film, “Seoul Train” screened at the Exhibition.

A full schedule of eyewitness accounts, lectures and speeches were presented at the three-day exhibition.

The NK Holocaust Exhibition
Nov. 8 – 10, 2004
National Assembly Members Building in Yeoido
Seoul, Korea