North Korea Declares Martial Law after Kim Jong-il Dies


Security Clamp-down

At 16:00 on Dec. 21 (Japan time), our office received a flash report from a local LFNKR staff member stationed in North Hamgyong, North Korea. According to this report, martial law has been declared in the North Hamgyong area.

All women who are dependants and who have no workplace to go to are being unconditionally required to report to their local town or village offices to listen to speeches praising the greatness of the deceased Kim Jong-il. Men are required to unconditionally express their deepest mourning while listening to speeches about his greatness.

Gatherings of three or more people are prohibited, and all roads are blocked, with policemen posted on the roads prohibiting anyone from passing. The country’s borders have been closed and border guards have been issued live ammunition. The current situation in North Korea is a semi-war footing.