Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Chinese Activist

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to China’s Liu Xiaobo

Congratulations to Mr. Liu Xiaobo of China for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. We at LFNKR deeply respect his unrelenting dedication to human rights and democracy. This award can, we believe, help motivate the Chinese government to improve its stance toward human rights.

Our organization strongly supports Mr. Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament, and US President Barak Obama, both of whom have urged the Chinese authorities to release Mr. Liu Xiaobo immediately. This, I hope, will encourage China, already an economic giant, to join the rest of the world in respecting human rights.

LFNKR is a Japanese NGO devoted to helping North Korean refugees, and as such, has always encouraged the Chinese government to improve their treatment of the North Korean refugees fleeing into China. As we reported in our previous news release, at least 10 North Korean refugees have been confined in Japanese diplomatic missions in China for an unconscionably long time, simply because the Chinese government stubbornly refuses them permission to leave.

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With the world’s attention now focused on China and human rights, this is an excellent opportunity to urge Beijing yet again to respond to the world community’s expectations. A good place to start would be to release the North Korean defectors confined in the foreign diplomatic missions.

We at LFNKR ask you to join our campaign by sending a letter or email to your local Chinese embassy, consulate or diplomatic mission. A quick search on the Internet will give you the of your area’s Chinese Embassy.

Here are three to get you started:
Chinese Embassies in USA: (English)
Chinese Embassies in UK: (English)
Chinese embassy in Tokyo: (Japanese)

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