No Christmas Presents for North Korean Refugees?

While we enjoy our rich and exciting Christmas holidays, most North Koreans live in constant hunger.

As we know, it’s easy to be generous with those nearest us.  Far away, on the other side of the world, however, there are many tragic stories of starvation and fear. 

Our organization, LFNKR, aids North Koreans who have fled their country of birth in a desperate search for food and freedom.  One of these people is Ms. Kim SW.

LFNKR has received a rescue request from Ms. Kim, a 27-year-old North Korean woman, who has this to say:

“After my father was discharged from serving in the military, our family was re-assigned to a small village in Ryanggang-do.  We almost never had enough food, so we stayed hungry all the time.  This motivated me to escape into China in a search for food, but I became entrapped and was sold to a Han Chinese farmer.  The main purpose of that farmer’s family was to buy a North Korean woman who would make a baby for them.  I produced that baby.  After she was born, I became sick.  Because I was property, however, the Chinese family would not spend any money for medical treatment.  I tried one desperate attempt to escape, but failed.  Then I was resold to yet another Chinese farmer.  This family also used me as a “tool” for making them a baby.

“I so much want to be treated as a human being.  I dream of going to South Korea where I can get medical treatment.  Please help me.”

If you are looking for an opportunity to give something that can literally change someone’s life forever, then this may be exactly what you are seeking.  This woman, and many more just like her, need someone to help them to reach the safer life they are seeking.

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