NK Refugee Qualifies for Nursing School

First Language Skills, Now Nursing

This 29-year-old North Korean young lady only reached Japan four years ago. She immediately began attending night classes at a local junior high, and then moved on to high school, while also working part-time jobs to support herself. 

NK refugee passes nursing school exam in Japan

NK refugee passes nursing school exam in Japan

We are delighted to announce that Miss K.H. (name not disclosed for security reasons) has passed the entrance exam for a nationally-known school of nursing in Tokyo.

She told us that her choice of nursing was motivated by two factors. First, she wants to be helpful to other people, and second, nursing will provide her a secure and stable career. Qualifying to enter nursing school is difficult. Only 29 of the nearly 200 hopefuls were able to pass the entrance exam, which gives no special consideration for non-Japanese applicants. This achievement is worthy of our respect.

To illustrate just how hard she has been studying, early last year she passed the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, a test which, it should be noted, even native Japanese find extremely difficult.

Early last year we ran K.H.’s story on how she gained such proficiency in Japanese so quickly. Click here to read more.

LFNKR is grateful for K.H.’s active involvement in many of our activities, and we are inspired by her steady and enthusiastic efforts, which have continued since she first arrived in Japan. We are more than happy to help and encourage this highly motivated young lady.