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North Korean Freedom Week 2006
April 22nd through 30th in Washington DC

Third Annual Freedom Week

The North Korea Freedom Coalition has organized an impressive list of activities for the week of April 22 through April 30 to express public support for the North Korean people suffering under the repressive regime of Kim Jong Il.
More Details Here.

On the agenda are:

    • Demonstration Against North Korea's Abduction of Citizens of Japan, South Korea, and other Nations
    • North Korea Genocide Exhibit
    • Testimony before Congressional Hearing
    • Exile Committee for North Korea Democracy Capitol Hill Forum and Press Briefing
    • Wreath Laying Ceremony by North Koreans at Korean War Memorial
    • North Korea Freedom Day Rally
    • All Night Prayer Vigil on the last day of the week-long event

For a full schedule of activities and list of sponsor organizations, please visit the website of the North Korean Freedom Coalition.