New Propaganda Boosting Kim-Jong-un


Onsong, North Korea – Feb. 16, 2012

To mark the celebration of Kim Jong-il’s birthday this year, one bottle of distilled spirits and one cake of soap were distributed to every household in Onsong county. In other counties or cities, the quantities and items reportedly varied. North Korean citizens have begun saying of Kim Jong-un that “another Kim Il-sung (his grandfather) is born.”

A major reason for the changing attitude toward Kim Jong-un is his cancelling of the requirement to supply meat to the People’s Army. In the past, farmers were obliged to give meat to the Army every year and, if they were unable to comply, then the farmers would have all rations from the government cut off. The ending of this obligation to supply meat pleases the farmers.

Another new rule, this one cancelling the collection of money from farms under various excuses also has the farmers smiling. They consider these changes hopeful following Kim Jong-un’s succession as leader.

The government has also instructed the central party inspection team to begin uncovering any corruption, illegal businesses or smuggling by local officers. In the border areas, smugglers or those who have helped North Koreans escape the country are now being arrested and punished.

These new events are obviously a sign of the government’s determination to boost the standing and power of Kim Jong-un. People in North Korea are viewing the new moves with hope, although many are sceptical about how long it will all last.