Mourn Not for Kim Jong-il


Mourn Instead for his Victims

On Dec. 28 in Pyongyang a funeral will be held for Kim Jong-il. As do most of those involved in the North Korean human rights issue, we at LFNKR strongly feel that this funeral should commemorate the victims of Kim Jong-il and his brutal regime. We call upon the world – mourn not for this dead dictator.

Instead mourn for all the North Koreans captured and publicly executed for minor offences. Mourn for all those seeking to escape their fatherland in search of food who were severely punished, even killed. Mourn for those who, with their children, were detained in death camps merely for their association with a “guilty” family member or friend, but who nevertheless died.

It is now widely recognized that more than 200,000 North Korean people still languish in concentration camps. In addition, this heartless regime has starved 3 million of its own people. Even more, the regime is known to have abducted many foreign citizens, including Japanese, most of whom are still held in secrecy.

In Tokyo, LFNKR and other organizations involved in the North Korean human rights issue will hold a rally to mourn the uncounted victims of the North Korean regime. This rally, we hope, will remind Japan and the entire world of the serious human rights issues in North Korea still crying out to be addressed.