Mother & son wait 16 years for reunion

We reported, back in September, the LFNKR rescue team had successfully brought four North Korean refugees out to safe havens. One of these is Mr. Kim, who turned 22 while at a temporary holding center in Thailand.

After completing all the legal procedures, he finally arrived in Japan on Dec. 8. Awaiting him at Haneda Airport, together with the LFNKR members, was his mother, who eagerly greeted him on his arrival.

The mother had escaped from North Korea also, immediately following a divorce. She made it to Japan with the help of LFNKR, but then had to patiently wait for 16 years to see her son again. As you can imagine, we were all very excited and overjoyed.

The son vowed that he would work hard in Japan to help support his mother, for whom settling into the new culture was sometimes hard. To start, he plans to take language night classes at a junior high school in Tokyo.

On December 23, LFNKR members will get together with this mother and son for a belated birthday celebration, and to mark the start of his new life in Japan.

Mr. Kim asked us to tell all of you how much he appreciates all your help in bringing him to his new home. LFNKR also wants to thank you for all your assistance in this happy reunion of a mother and her son.

It’s good to know that there are happy endings.