LFNKR Foster Education Scholarships Up


Foster Parent Program

In early August of 2011, scholarships for the new fiscal year were awarded to our foster education children. And we were able to add one new child to those receiving scholarships for a total of 20 recipients. This latest child is a boy born in 2004. Like so many so-called “shadow children,” his mother is a North Korean defector, and his father is ethnic Han Chinese.

In 2005, his mother was arrested by Chinese police and deported back to North Korea. His father, who is mentally challenged, barely functions in daily life, so the child is being raised by his paternal grandfather. Unfortunately, the grandfather cannot afford to give the child an education, meaning he is a typical “second generation defector.”

Thanks, however, to the support of everyone helping with the Foster Parents Education Program, this child started first grade in September, and is now attending elementary school. He is learning new things and enjoying student life.

For a child, an elementary and middle school education is the essential foundation for his or her future. We are eager to continue supporting the education of children like this boy, so that they may break out of the ongoing negative cycle.