Lawmakers Protest Aid Worker Imprisonment

To Chinese Ambassador

Below is the text of a post card mailed by many Grand National Party members of the National Assembly, South Korea. The card was addressed to the Chinese Ambassador stationed in South Korea.

Letter explaining purpose of postcard   (PDF file)

News media in Japan have reported that Mr. Takayuki Noguchi, a Japanese citizen, was arrested in China for helping two Japan-born North Korean refugees. They tell how he was released in August after serving 8 months. However, I was shocked to learn that Mr. Choi Yong-hun, a South Korean aid worker imprisoned on a similar charge, was sentenced to 5 years. Many of us worry because his health is reportedly worsening after 22 months in jail. I hope the Chinese government will respond to international humanitarian calls for his immediate release together with Mr. Park Yong-chol, the North Korean refugee imprisoned with him.