Japan Takes Stand on NK Human Rights

ICNK lauds Japan’s firm stance

In a public statement yesterday, ICNK (The International Coalition to Stop Crimes against Humanity in North Korea), a group of more than 40 leading human rights organizations and activists, welcomed Japan’s strong position in favor of establishing a new United Nations commission of inquiry on serious human rights violations committed by the North Korean Government at home and abroad.

LFNKR is one of ICNK’s 45 members.

On January 25, when the Headquarters for the (North Korean) Abduction Issue met with all members of the Cabinet, Japanese officials confirmed that the government will begin negotiating with other governments to include the establishment of a new commission of inquiry mechanism in the text of the resolution on North Korea to be considered at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, which will convene February 25, 2013.

LFNKR executive director Hiroshi Kato is quoted in the statement as saying, “For far too many years, the North Korean people have suffered in isolation, their plight relegated to the lowest part of the international community’s agenda with the leaders in Pyongyang. An international commission of inquiry will shed light on the plight of North Koreans and foreign nationals held against their will in that country.”

To download the ICNK joint statement in PDF format, click here.

And to read the current online article by Human Rights Watch, click here.

Update on the NK Famine

Providing current information on the famine that has ravaged the NK Hwanghae Provinces, AsiaPress International’s North Korea Reporting Team has issued a 17-page backgrounder titled “North Korea: Report on the Famine in the Hwanghae Provinces and the Food Situation 2012.” Click the link to download this PDF report.