Ebook – NK Prison Camp Eye Witness Accounts

Are They Telling the Truth - eyewitness accounts from inside NK prison camps

Interviews with Survivors, Former Guards

The world was shocked on February first 2004, when BBC ran an hour-long feature clearly documenting North Korea’s biological experimentation on political prisoners in the highly secretive camps. Such stories are not new, however.

For more than ten years, a group of human rights activists have been working with newly-defected North Koreans, interviewing and collecting stories. Stories that “normal people” in the civilized world could scarcely believe.

Over 100 experiences, related by 5 different survivors of the prison camps, are now available in this e-Book (an electronic book that can be read on any computer).

4 Typical Examples from the e-Book

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Please note: this e-Book is a very large (16-Mbyte) PDF file because of the line drawing illustrations included with the accounts.

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