What Your Donation Can Accomplish

­Can You Help Us Rescue NK Refugees?

You are invited to Join Our Rescue Mission!

Rescuing refugees is a slow, careful process. It can’t be done in a wholesale manner so each mission is a one-of-a-kind effort.

Over the years, LFNKR has helped more than 200 North Korean refugees escape to safe destinations where they have been able to start new lives.

And now, we are starting another rescue mission.

If you are looking for an opportunity to give something that can literally change someone’s life forever, then this may be exactly what you are seeking.

We receive many requests for help, but since our resources are limited, we must look to you for assistance.

To send your donation on its way immediately, it is as simple as clicking one of the buttons.

If you wish to donate through PayPal, just click on the appropriate button.

Or, if you are already familiar with TransferWise, you can donate using the information below:

Mizuho Bank Hongo Branch (Branch No. 075)
Account type:  Futsuu
Account name: トクヒ)キタチヨウセンナンミンキユウエンキキン
(Highlight, copy and paste)
Account No. 2489718








You Can Also Set Up an Automatic Monthly Donation…
Click on one of the buttons below to set up an automatic “Subscription” type payment. This assures your help will go regularly to the North Korean refugees every month — even if you get busy one month and it slips your mind.

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