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­Can You Help Us Rescue these 6 NK refugees?

In Nov. 22, 2016, LFNKR received urgent requests for the rescue of six North Korean refugees, including a 10-month-old girl.

Two of the six are 27-year-old women.  They are friends who lived in Ryanggan-do, an area near the North Korea-China border.  Both have previously crossed the Tumen River to find food.  One of the women, a Miss C.B. has, during the past few years, occasionally helped others escape to freedom, but now she herself needs help. She can no longer remain as a victim of the dictatorship that deprives her and her people of all hopes and dreams. This has led her to finally decide that she also must escape from North Korea.

Three of the six are members of one family, a 50-year-old mother, her daughter and her 10-month old granddaughter.

These 5 people are still in North Korea, waiting to cross the Tumen river into China.

The last person, a Mr. Y.Y., is a 27-year-old male and a fugitive soldier.  Fortunately he has already escaped into China and is now hiding, waiting for rescue.  Any fugitive soldier, if arrested and sent back, is shot without exception.

All these six of these people wish to resettle in South Korea.

The fugitive soldier needs to be given top priority for rescue.  But since he is already in China, his chances of escaping to a safe country is the best among the six.

The estimated cost of rescuing one person is about $2,500 US dollars plus emergency expenses, which cannot be accurately estimated in advance.

Each of these persons is seeking a chance for a new life in a safe place.  We hope that you will help us raise the money needed to cover their rescue so that they can be guided to safety as soon as possible.

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