Demonstrations Planned to Save North Korean Refugees

Protests Planned Worldwide

Suzanne Scholte of the North Korea Freedom Coalition writes:

Please remember the International Protest Against China’s Violent Treatment of North Korean Refugees will be occurring around the world at noon on November 30 and December 1 at Chinese consulates and embassies.  We need everyone to join and support these events as the situation in China is worse than ever for North Korean refugees.

Some cities will deliver petitions, some will stage protests and demonstrations. Wherever you are in the world, please take part in this effort.

For several years both the Chinese and North Korean authorities have implemented measures to close the border and currently the Chinese authorities are working more aggressively with North Korean agents to hunt down and repatriate the North Korean refugees.

We have heard several reports that North Korean agents are posing as refugees to draw out both humanitarian workers and true refugees as part of this escalating crackdown.

Even refugees in jail are being used as “bait” to draw out potential rescuers, so that Chinese authorities can arrest them.

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