Deepest Condolences for American Student Warmbier


Deepest Condolences for American Student Warmbier

Mr. Otto Warmbier, the US student released in coma by North Korea last week after 18 months in detention, died on June 19, according to AFP news on June 20, 2017.

LFNKR sincerely prays for the repose of his soul and we offer heartfelt sympathy and condolences to his family and to the US people.

His family asserted in their statement that their son died from brutal treatment at the hands of the North Korean regime.  In their indignant protest, the parents stated that their son has completed his journey home and that the torture-like treatment by the North Korean regime caused his death.

The final report submitted in February 2014 by the Commission of Inquiry (COI) of UN Human Rights Council accused the North Korean government of grave, systematic and widespread violations of human rights, and it concludes that the government is committing crimes against humanity.

The recent death of the US student several days after he was released in coma constitutes proof that the North Korea regime continues to commit crimes against humanity.  It is an indication of the regime’s consistent and ongoing violation of the human rights of their own people.

And there is additional proof of nonstop human rights violations by the North Korean regime leading to even further tragedies and outrage.

On June 6, Radio Free Asia (RFA) broadcast an interview with Mr. James Leigh, who had recently returned from North Korea to Canada after a few days of detention in North Korea.  In the interview, he revealed the following information.

Mr. James Leigh, a Canadian, who visited North Korea in response to an invitation by a high-ranking North Korean officer, had worked for a short time at a US government agency and also at a military-related company, was arrested on suspicion of espionage and visiting North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong-un or to obtain military secrets, at the direction of President Trump.  While in detention, he met Professor Kim San Dok, who had been arrested in April.  Professor Kim, who is a US citizen and who worked at Pyongyang Science and Technology University, told Mr. Leigh that he had personally seen 20 to 30 foreigners, including Canadians, being held in the detention cell.

We are concerned about the fates of these foreigner detainees, including Professor Kim San Dok.

Also, we are very concerned about all the abductees from around the world, as well as the Japanese wives trapped in North Korea, unable to leave.  There is a high possibility that they may be mistreated just as Mr. Warmbier was.  The North Korean government explained that he suffered an attack of botulism poisoning and became comatose after taking a sleeping pill.  The US medical team, however, disagreed with their diagnosis.  This incident has made it clear that the North Korean government is ready to mistreat anyone they deem inconvenient to the government and then to offer up false explanations.

The leader of North Korea continues to ignore the voices of the international community, while pushing forward with the development of nuclear weapons and missiles. This is reason enough to believe that his presence is dangerous and harmful to world’s peace and safety.

We at LFNKR strongly protest the extreme violation of Mr. Otto Warmbier’s human rights committed by the regime that contributed directly to his death.  We also strongly urge the international community to further intensify their cooperative efforts to improve the human rights situation in North Korea.