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Help One More North Korean Refugee Reach Safety

Everybody’s familiar with how fast Internet technology advances. Way, way back in 2003, when we instituted a new way for you to donate (via PayPal), it was still a fairly new idea. But time rolls quickly onward.

And now, there’s a new option we think you might appreciate. It’s called “Crowd Funding” and it’s an easy way to make donations to help support the rescue of North Korean refugees. Find out more about crowd funding here.

It’s widely-recognized that North Korea is one of the most repressive regimes in the world. That country’s maximum security prison camps stay filled with its own citizens, who are subjected to the most draconian conditions.

But even for those not imprisoned, hunger and fear are so widespread in North Korea that they are a daily reality. The citizens can be arrested for the tiniest of infractions. As a result, they can be sentenced to torture, prison camp, even execution, and it’s not uncommon for an entire family to be included in the punishment.

Thus, when they decide to flee their country – at the risk of their lives – we do everything we can to help them reach safety. Life Funds for North Korean Refugees has been helping North Korean refugees reach safety for 17 years. And over that time, we have helped more than 300 people reach new lives in a safe country.

But rescue takes resources. Lots of ’em. Our Crowd Funding goal is to raise enough funds ($10,000) to bring one North Korean refugee to safety.

For that one person, your contribution could be the difference between life or death… literally. Donate through crowd funding now to help save a North Korean refugee.