Chinese Border Guards Videotaped Shooting Religious Pilgrims

China Still Violating Basic Human Rights

As a citizen’s group deeply involved in human rights, Life Funds for North Korean Refugees (LFNKR) has long called for more rapid improvement of human rights in China.

At the end of September, for example, Chinese border guards were videotaped firing upon a group of Tibetan pilgrims, including nuns and juvenile priests. At least two of the pilgrims were killed, prompting growing criticism of China by the international community.

China continues to ignore the voice of the international community and the many calls for that country to immediately halt its repatriation of North Korean defectors, who are clearly refugees as defined by the Convention on Refugees.

In addition, China still jails humanitarian aid workers who try to help North Korean refugees hiding in China. This fact seriously tarnishes the image of China in the international community, particularly in light of the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

Rev. Buck Speaks Out in Washington DC

LFNKR participated this year in the October 20th Capitol Hill Forum entitled “The Plight of North Korean Refugees and Those Who Try to Save Them”. Rev. Phillip Buck spoke at the Forum about his experiences in China.

Jailed for helping NK refugees in China, he was just released at the end of August after serving 15 months in prison on charges of helping NK refugees in China. Rev. Buck is 68 years old.

LFNKR asked him why he was released after only 15 months, while Choi Yong-hun is still serving time in China after 46 months. Rev. Buck believes that the major reason is the difference in their nationalities; he has acquired American citizenship, while Choi Yong-hun is South Korean.

LFNKR again strongly urges the South Korean government to put forth more earnest effort in freeing this humanitarian Korean from prison in China.