China Sets Bounty on NK Refugees

Flyer announcing bounty on NK refugees

Will Pay up to 2,000 Yuan per 5 Captured

NKFC (North Korea Freedom Coalition) members, including LFNKR, have recently received information about the on-going crackdown by Chinese authorities. See a PDF copy of the Chinese language document, along with English and Korean translations.Chinese authorities recently released a police order along the NK-China border which sets specific prices for any criminal escapees (North Korean refugees) trying to get away from the starvation and madness so rampant in their own country.

The Offer:  Just turn in 3 escapees, and it’s worth 500 Yuan. Or, for the more enterprising, simply betray 5 of these people seeking a way to stay alive, and the reward doubles to 1,000 yuan.

Even better, if you’re a high-achiever and like to do things quickly (before the end of March) you’ll receive twice the bounty. But this generous 2-for-1 offer expires soon, so get busy and start turning in your fellow man now.

Note: the previous paragraph may include a touch of irony.