Can You Help Us Rescue Two NK Refugees and a Baby?

You are invited to join our rescue mission!

Rescuing refugees is a slow, careful process. It can’t be done in a wholesale manner so each mission is a one-of-a-kind effort. Over the years, LFNKR has helped more than 200 North Korean refugees escape to safe destinations where they have been able to start new lives. Just in September and October of this year alone, we successfully rescued a total of 5 North Korean refugees.

And now, we have begun another rescue mission. The current rescue is to help human trafficking victims: one is a 20-year-old woman, K.S. and her baby, who was born in July 2016. The other is a 33-year-old woman, Y.H.

K.S. left Hyesan in 2015. Her family was very poor so she decided to secretly enter China to earn money. Unfortunately, she was deceived by a human trafficker who sold her to a Han Chinese man. She faced daily hardships, including difficulty communicating with the Chinese husband due to language differences. In July 2016, she gave birth to a baby boy. After the baby arrived, the constant monitoring loosened a bit, and she managed to contact us, asking for help. She expressed a wish to reach South Korea where she could start a new life with her baby.

Meanwhile, Y.H. escaped from Chongjin into China in 2010. Her family was very poor, so when a Chinese man promised her that she could get a job and earn big money, she immediately decided to follow him. The man was a human trafficker, who sold her to a farmer in a small village. Her Chinese husband forced her to work very hard every day, treating her like livestock. He was mercilessly violent any time she made a mistake, even a trivial one. The husband was mentally unstable and regularly beat her bloody. She endured this horrendous life for 7 years, then finally ran away. She walked for three days and three nights until she happened upon a restaurant with a sign written in Hangul (Korean) characters. She is currently in hiding and waiting for our help.

This rescue mission, will take at least 900,000 yen (that’s about 8,000USD).

Can you help us help these two women and the baby?

If you would like to help these victimized women and the baby gain a better life, you can donate through PayPal at our Donate Page.