Book on NK Death Camp Published in Japanese

'Death Camp' Book Published

Many Stories of Wanton Cruelty

Last month, LFNKR published the Japanese-language version of the book ‘Chongo-ri Kyo Hwa So’ for release in Japan. This book contains facts, information and stories from interviews with 8,934 North Korean defectors, including 81 who had been detained at Chongo-ri Kyo Hwa So, more commonly known as the “Death Camp”.  Many of the stories include horrifying colored sketches drawn by a few of the former detainees at the Death Camp. 

The continued unreasonable escalation of international threats and intimidation by the North Korean regime appears to be consistent with their ongoing brutality toward their own people.

For the English-language version of this book, please contact Mr. Sung-hun Kim, chief of the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB)  at: Volume purchases (50 to 100 and more) are welcome. (To read more, go to this page.)