Biological Experiments on Political Prisoners

Hospital document attesting to the son's broken rib and estimated time required for healing following the kidnap attempt.

NK Family Flees with Documented Proof

Television viewers were shocked on February first this year when BBC aired a documentary on North Korea. Among the more horrifying facts revealed by the show, titled “Access to Evil,” was the growing eye-witness evidence that North Korea conducts biological human testing in its highly secretive prison camps.

Some of this evidence has been gathered by Mr. Kim Sang hun, a former UN official and now a human rights activist, who was interviewed for the documentary.

Below are links to English translations of documents and statements made by North Koreans who have risked their lives to escape and bring details of these atrocities to the rest of the world.

  1. A North Korean engineer, a witness to human biological experimentation, noticed documentary evidence in the chemical factory in which he had been working….
  2. They broke my back and neck. I was born in North Korea in August 1945. My grandfather was a landlord and my father was a teacher, but became a worker because of my grandfather’s record of owning….
  3. We engineers often whispered that Daily Site No. 2 at the company was a strange place….
  4. NK agents attempted to kidnap me. I was a former North Korean defector and I am now a South Korean citizen. Recently, I have been instrumental in obtaining documentary evidence about biological human….
  5. Hospital document – Larger view of the form pictured above attests to this man’s broken rib and the estimated 3-month healing time required following a kidnap attempt.
  6.  NK is systematically experimenting on humans.This testimony was obtained from the witness’ son as he heard it from his father in North Korea over the years, and therefore, may lack some details….