Bicycling Campaign Across Europe for NK Rights

Call for Volunteer Participants

LFNKR is joining the bicycling campaign hosted by Justice for North Korea. The campaign is to publicize the North Korean human rights issue and bring it to the attention of Europe. To maximize the impact of this campaign, we are calling for as many participants as possible. Those who wish to ride bicycles may do so, but that is not a requirement. Buses will accompany the riders, so it will be possible to ride bicycles on only selected segments of the route (or only one). Some participants may elect to ride the bus only.

During the campaign, press conferences as well as general meetings are planned. There will also be screenings of the movie “Crossing,” a revealing story about North Korean defectors.

Press kits will be available for the news media, and a performance will be staged depicting rights abuses against North Koreans. Planned demonstration sites include Chinese Embassies or other Chinese organizations.

To join the campaign or if you have any questions, please contact…

Ms.Park Ji-Hye
Justice for North Korea (JFNK)
justice4nk [at]

For a copy of the entire multi-country schedule in PDF format – click here